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Our electricians are professionals responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing electrical wiring in electrical and electronic equipment. Electricians can work in the construction sector when carrying out maintenance and repairs, following the requests of the sector.

We provide our customers with electricians with extensive experience in domestic electricity.



Our plumbers are professionals responsible for installing and repairing water, sewage, ventilation, gas and heating plumbing.

They clean, assemble and maintain high or low pressure piping networks to ensure the supply of air, gas, oil, steam, water or for other purposes.

We also assemble tubes for water scooters, drains or other underground and aerial installations, laying and connecting washers and building collectors or boxes.

We provide our plumbing customers with extensive experience in domestic plumbing.

Encanador no trabalho


Our painters are professionals responsible for painting on internal and external walls. They prepare the surfaces before painting them, such as cleaning, applying thin or running paste and sanding. We can apply wallpaper and plaster for finishing. Personalize your environment with different colors, textures and shades, customize your property the way you want with specialized professionals.

We provide our customers with painters with extensive painting experience.



Our backhoe can be used for opening trenches and ditches, cleaning land, opening wells, earthworks, and demolition of structures.

trabalhadores da construção


For more information: // +239 990.39.69

Quality work, meeting deadlines, honesty, fair price.

We build your success by providing all the necessary steps for your construction.

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