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Plasterboard Specialists

Assembly and Installation of False Ceilings

We are specialists in the assembly or installation of plasterboard suspended ceilings.

This type of suspended ceilings allows the installation of lighting or sound systems inside. On the other hand, it is possible to give all kinds of shapes to the ceiling itself as needed. With a specific insulation inside, this type of ceiling is very efficient in acoustic and thermal insulation .

We build:
  • Plasterboard ceilings

  • False Ceilings

  • Attics in Pladur

  • PVC suspended ceilings

  • Squares

  • Decorative Ceilings

  • False walls with thermal and acoustic insulation

Partitions or Plasterboard Application

The interior construction of walls, or also called partitions with application of plasterboard.

These partitions or false walls, inside may include insulation making them very well insulated at the thermal and acoustic level. They are good for light and fast construction, with many advantages that this can bring to your space.

Home Construction
trabalhadores da construção


For more information: // +239 990.39.69

Quality Work, Compliance with Deadlines, Honesty, Fair Price, Exact execution of what is foreseen in the Specifications, in the TOR and in the designed parts.

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